Bioresonance (from the Greek “bios”, meaning life, and the Latin “resonare”, meaning resound) is a healing process in which a special device is used to capture the electrogmagnetic vibration emitted by the patient’s body, manipulate it and then reintroduce it to the body.

Exogenous vibration, such as that caused by allergies, pathogens, toxins, drugs, etc. can also be processed.

Bioresonance therapy is based on the fact that molecules and molecular groups in a person’s body can emit electromagnetic vibration.

This vibration forms a pattern in every person that is made up of harmonious (healthy) and discordant (sick) sections.

Discordant vibrations are also known as interference zones.

As electromagnetic waves are involved, the body’s own signals can be captured by electrodes and directed into a device, where they are manipulated, before being directed back into the patient’s body via other electrodes.

This electronic processing allows vibration that can cause illness to be modified, while also triggering and reinforcing the body’s own healing power in a targeted way.