General conventional medicine incl. GP services

General medicine comprises primary health-care provision for patients with physical and psychological health disorders on an emergency, acute and long-term basis, as well as a wide range of preventive and rehabilitation services.

With its highly skilled medical team and comprehensive facilities, Thalos Klinik am See is here to help you.

We also make house calls and provide pregnancy and paediatric services.

What is covered by health insurance
Practically all the services we provide are covered by health insurance.

Please check your insurance status.

What can our patients expect from us?
Following diagnosis of the patient’s condition, we provide the most suitable treatment, whether preventive or curative.

We consider our patients holistically, taking into account their personal and social situation.

Referral to the appropriate specialists
The Thalos Klinik am See has access to a large, nationwide network of specialists, via which we can ensure you are referred to the right specialist, if necessary.

Rapid in-house testing
Many test results are available on the same day.
To this end, we have the following equipment:

Digital X-ray machine
This produces x-rays that can be assessed immediately by our doctors.

Complex images are dealt with externally by specialist x-ray providers.

Modern laboratory equipment
Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring meticulous conduct of all lab tests.

Other devices

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Pulmonary function test

  • Spinal mouse measurement (visualization of the shape and mobility of the spine)

  • Measurement of fat, muscle and water content in the body

  • Cardiotocogram (recording the heartbeat of the unborn child and the strength of the contractions)

  • Ferritin test

  • Infusions