What should you expect from us?
As part of our comprehensive advice to our patients, we provide a complete range of information, encompassing both conventional and alternative medicine, on the various aspects of women’s health.

In today’s modern society, it is important for women to accept and love themselves as they are, understand their own bodies and, at the same time, exercise their full female potential in a male-dominated society.

Our services at a glance

General gynaecological advice, examinations and treatment
Pregnancy ultrasound
Genital-area ultrasound
Menopause diagnosis
General complementary therapies for gynaecological disorders
Cancer screening
Pregnancy check-ups
Infertility advice/treatment

the pill/IUD (coil), Implanon (hormone implant)
Child and youth gynaecology
Colpitis (inflammation of the vagina)
Hormonal imbalances
Breast checks and breast-lump exams (breast)
Mastodynia (stretching as a result of mastitis)
Menstrual disorders
Annual gynaecological check-ups
Annual check-ups are advised from the age of 18 or from the onset of regular intercourse.

This helps catch cervical cancer early.

How the annual gynaecological examination (check-up) works
The check-up starts with a conversation.

The examination itself involves inserting a speculum and then investigating the cervix using a colposcope (magnifier).

Menstrual disorders
The days leading up to a period are not exactly fun for many women.

Every month, countless women suffer from problems like headaches, abdominal cramps, disturbed sleep, mood swings and energy slumps.

If there is a hormone imbalance, pre-menstrual issues can arise.

Infertility (involuntary childlessness)
Involuntary childlessness is the term used to describe a situation in which a woman who has been having intercourse with her partner without using contraception still hasn’t become pregnant after around one year.

If this is the case, a thorough examination by a gynaecologist should be considered.

Maternity check-up
For most people, expecting a child is a happy situation to be in, but they will almost certainly also have lots of questions and, sometimes, also concerns.

We want to make sure that this time is a joyful one for you.

Our “goal” in this regard is a healthy child and a healthy mother – and not forgetting a healthy father too.

Pregnancy ultrasound
Ultrasound is the only way we have of observing the unborn child in the womb.

The technique has been used in pregnancy for almost 40 years.

No adverse effect on either the child or the mother has been established so far.